Help your employees succeed at nutrition.

Our mobile tools reward your employees for making healthier choices in the grocery store. See the impact on your workforce LIVE in your dashboard.

Reach Everyone

Put a dietician in every employee's pocket without breaking the bank

Proven Results

Employees eat more fruits & vegetables and less added sugars with FillMyFork

Personalized = Engaging

Our tailored experience leads to 5x more engagement than wellness apps

Track Outcomes

Monitor your wellness program with real, live data on behaviors

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Kirk Gasparian

Benefits @ Zendesk

The ability to provide our population a way to not only track their eating habits, but then receive suggestions on how to improve them is exciting! Add to that FillMyFork's strong data reporting and you have something truly great here.

Nutrition and behavior change are just as important, if not more so, than daily exercise and FillMyFork gets that. FillMyFork's platform makes it easy to select healthy choices, find nutritional information, recipes, and more, thus increasing the likelihood that those healthy choices will become habit.

Brielle Rajkovich

People Ops @ Square

FillMyFork's data-centric approach enables customers to make informed and personalized wellness decisions. Changing behaviors is difficult, but with the data from FillMyFork, we are seeing active engagement toward healthier decisions and lifestyles.

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Kartik Shastri


Full-stack, previously at GE & ARC Energy. MEng, BS, BA from Cornell University

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Arun Nijhawan


Data science aficionado from XPV and FirstFuel. Physics & Math at UToronto.

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Prof. Tom Brenna, PhD

Advisor, Nutrition

White House Dietary Guidelines Committee; leading authority in Nutritional Sciences

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Jennifer Pospishek

Advisor, Sales

Expert in product marketing with 20 years of experience leading sales teams


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